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YVR Blogger Meetup

Let it Snow! Christmas Bridal Editorial

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Isla Hardy – Newborn Baby Memoir Video

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Indochino Canucks Alumni Photoshoot

RiverGreen – ASPAC

Three Harbour Green – ASPAC

TQ Construction

Corporate Reel 2013

your stories | our visions

  • We are here to tell your stories

    Videography is not only a documentation of the subjects but it is a medium to tell your unique story to a diverse audience. An engaging video allows you to share your story to people from your close friends and family to the stranger across the globe through one click of a button. Our team is keen on capturing beautiful images that bring out the personalities of the subjects to attract the audience. We’ve worked on a variety of projects, from showcase video presentations for real estate showrooms to live events and wedding videography. Each project we do has a unique story, we hope each video captures the spirit of our client and finds a way to enhance its content to captivate the audience.

    A picture is worth more than a thousand words,

    a video is worth more than twenty four thousand words per second

  • We believe a good story deserves a good storyteller

    Good storytelling involves great planning. We need to know what should be included, how and where to get certain images, and putting sequences of images together to create a flowing storyline. We have all the tips and pointers to make that a simple process. Certain projects are more spontaneous than others; for example, live events such as weddings are shot with less planning because of the nature of live events shooting; we are obligated to capture moments as natural as possible. While other projects that require extensive planning, we would have storyboards that draws out what the video will look like. We work closely with our clients to ensure that everyone has a clear picture of what is expected and how the final product will look. Depending on your needs, we will be involved from pre-production, production to post production to ensure a phenomenal product.